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Awareness is our most precious resource.


Do you know where your awareness is right now?





Gotcha ;D


When I was 9 years old I saw in my 4th grade teachers classroom a poster that said “11 habits of highly intelligent people.” Being me, I said to myself, “I’m a highly intelligent person” and I began to read the habits. One said “metacognition – being aware of your own thoughts.” That one stuck with me. I then realized I can watch my own thoughts and see what I am thinking about and think about what I am thinking about. Insanity!


Cultivating awareness of your awareness is key. Spiritual practices aim to develop more witnessing awareness – it is so easy to be entirely entangled in an experience. In these moments, when we are entirely submerged in our experience, one identifies with the experience. Here the energy of entanglement in an experience is greater than the witnessing capacity. – Thomas Hubl


Do you want to learn how to become more aware of your awareness?

-here’s a quiz you can take to let you know how aware of your own awareness you are

-here’s an e-book/video you can access to teach you how to better become more aware of your awareness

-here are games of focus, awareness, and self-awareness to help you develop awareness


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