Validating Ideas

In my first Startup, Silent Disco Squad, we failed and learned tons. One of the key lesson is to know what you want out of your startup. For us we raised seed money and our intention was to build a wildly popular mobile app and attract further VC funding until we could figure out how to monetize our app.

We failed, as in-order-to get VC funding you need hypergrowth – or at least significant traction – and we did not. It would have been much better if we validated people’s desire for this app before we built it.

For example – building out landing pages with the feature spec and collecting emails is a great way to measure demand ahead of building the product. Another way would have been to write blog posts and see if it touches a nerve in the music world. Finally interviewing potential users and asking them what they want next out of their music listening experience would have been a good way to measure the desire for the features to be built.

My next idea for an app or website will be validated first. By validating the demand for products and services before I build out the full MVP I’ll be able to understand how much my offer is demanded and gather feedback on the marketing language and features.

As I am on the journey of learning how to validate ideas, here are a bunch of amazing resources for testing demand of your product or service.

Have any ideas for products that you want to validate? I’d love to hear about them in the comments.

Resources: -> web app! -> they design + run your MVP for you + deliver results -> great Google Sheet template for validation experiments -> Licensing ideas to other companies


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